24/7 Emergency Services – Inpatient or Outpatient basis services provided at liberty hospital may include emergency care, elective and emergency surgery, medical treatment, maternity services, and rehabilitation programs.

Emergency Cases


In case of Emergency 24/7 call for ambulance. This section will help to familiarise you with our Emergency Department.


Please fill in our online form so we can nominate an appropriate specialist. Liberty Hospital Team will contact you within one working day to propose an appointment.. Your appointment is confirmed with your agreement.

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About Liberty Hospital

Liberty Hospital, newly established in the year 2014, multispecialty hospital providing sophisticated and specialized medical services at affordable costs.

Liberty Hospital a Super Specialty Health center, which is located at 74-1-2, King Square Complex, Opp. Autonagar Bus Terminal, M.G. Road(Bandar Road), Patamata, Vijayawada. The hospital is located at Patamata, Autonagar in an area of 25,000 sq.ft. possessing a four storied building.

It is one of the full fledged Multi Specialty centers in Vijayawada with 24 hours emergency care, state of the art equipment……. Read More

General Amenities


The main role of a hospital pharmacist is to promote the safe and effective use of … to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals within the hospital …


Liberty Hospital
vijayawada offers 24 hour ambulance services. The ambulance is equipped with surgical stretchers, oxygen and crash tray with a doctors…

O2 Gas Plant

Medical Gas Cylinder central Plant stations are installed to provide a reliable of supply for the Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide & Medical Air requirements of hospitals.

Patient Lift

liberty hospital has Patient lifts, which are designed to lift and transfer patients from one place to another easily(e.g., from bed to bath, chair to stretcher)…

Mini Library

Liberty Hospital provides Health Learning Center is a
state-of-the-art health information library and one of the largest hospital-based learning facilities of its kind..


Purified water is an essential resource in all medical and hospital environments. Water is often the major component in many diverse applications..


Liberty Hospital follows fire emergency procedures cover a lot ground. This special elevator control system is for the use of the Code Blue Team…


Liberty hospital meets its entire need of 30,000 litres of hot water per day by using solar water heaters. The hospital has not considered any other energy technology.

House Keeping

It is a very important for a hospital to be kept hygenic. At Liberty hospital, our staff makes sure timely cleanliness and keeps the hospital germ-free.


The building with the Liberty hospital trademark dome was subsequently named for Billings. This was the origin of the computer punch card system that dominated.


Liberty Hospital offers a food pantry is one of only a few in the nation that is hospital-based. It provides an important safety net as increasing numbers …


Patient and other concessionary tickets are available from the customer service desk in the main hospital car park (located at the car park exit) …